#1 Danger Sign You're Doing Your Marketing Wrong

There is a huge red flag that you’re marketing your business wrong that you may not even be aware of.

The mistake is this: You DON’T have an engaged email list (of people who match your client avatar.) You might even have a social media following already- but this alone isn’t enough!
Does that sound like you? If so, listen up, and let’s fix your problem.

First, let’s discuss why you need an email list. There are lots of other ways to grow a following, such as social media, Facebook groups, and more. 

But truthfully? Having a social following isn’t as powerful as having an engaged email list. 

When your course is ready to launch, or you’re introducing a new service, you’ll launch it to your email list- not necessarily your social following. Your email list will be what results in actual conversions! 

Many business owners and entrepreneurs make the mistake of rushing to create a new service or digital product without thinking about who they will actually sell to. 

I wouldn’t try it that way, otherwise, you might waste a lot of time, money, and resources only to make no money on your offers. 

This isn’t just my opinion, it’s backed up by stats! Most of the sales you make online will come from your email list. On average, you can expect your email list to convert at 1-3%. In general, the warmer the audience, the more they’ll be engaged! 

Now, if you don’t have an email list yet, or you want to grow yours substantially, there are 2 steps you should take to get started. 

Step 1

Create an irresistible lead magnet that delivers heaps of value to your audience in exchange for their email address. This can be an e-book, webinar, template, or even an infographic. Mention this lead magnet in all of your content, across social media, and more. 

Once your lead magnet is completed and you’ve linked it to an automated email delivery system, it’s time for step 2. 

Step 2

Send regular content on topics that your audience is interested in.

Think of this as another stream of social media content. Your emails should nurture, entertain, inspire, and, most importantly, INFORM. 

If you slide into their email inbox being too “salesy,” you’ll lose a subscriber as quickly as you gained one. Keep it value-focused!

I normally like to keep a balance of 80/20. 80% of my content is informing and 20% is selling. That has worked well for me.
If you follow these two simple steps to starting and growing your email marketing efforts, you’ll start seeing a lot warmer leads and even more revenue for your online business. Simply create a valuable freebie in return for their emails, and then keep providing value as you establish yourself as the person who is best to help to them! 

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