3 Myths That Are Blocking Your Business Growth

If you’ve struggled to get more clients or grow your business. I’m sure a few of these myths are going to surprise you and get you moving in the right direction to generate high-quality client leads.

Myth 1: Traditional Marketing (Cold-Calling & Networking) is the Best Way to Generate Leads

For most service-based entrepreneurs and professionals who have been in the business for at least a few years, it’s easy to justify this myth. Most have been made to believe that cold-calling, collecting cards, and networking events are the best ways to generate leads.
It’s become the preferred way because it’s been around so long and a reliable source for many service-based entrepreneurs and professionals for a long time.
But here’s the thing….Traditional marketing is ONE way to generate leads, not necessarily the best way. 
With so many of our potential clients online searching for information, if you want to be on a bigger playing field, you have to meet them where they are – ONLINE. Online lead generation is a modern and scalable way to generate leads. It can leave you with more time to do what you do best- service and delight your clients.
Online lead generation is one of the best ways to not only grow your business but create more freedom and flexibility. Imagine generating leads for your business without leaving your office.
You can start this process through conversational marketing on social media. Just like we have in-person conversations, you can network and meet people all around the globe that may be a perfect client or collaborator. 

Myth 2: Your Target Audience is Everyone


It’s easy to think that if you’re an accountant, realtor, or coach that you should target everyone for your services. After all, don’t we all have to pay taxes, buy or sell our home, or need advice to navigating life challenges?
When you target everyone, you target no one.
People are bombarded every day with social media, news, email….lots of distractions. What will make you a standout? Oprah has said that we all want to feel valued. And I believe that. I see evidence of it every day in my business and life. When you can show your target audience that you see them, hear them, and understand their challenge, you build a bridge for a future business relationship. Do you see how powerful that can be?
A generic message doesn’t cut it today with so many other options. Get very clear on who (and who not) to target your services to, the language they speak, and who can most benefit from your services, and the way YOU do business.
That’s what helps build relationships and ultimately grows sales.

Myth 3: The Main Purpose of a Website is to Provide Information About Your Business.

Stop It! Your website is one of the most valuable business assets you own. An asset that will help you generate revenue for your business.
It’s the foundation of your online presence. See, most business owners want to design a website that looks good and is professional, and provides details. But, if this is the only goal, you’re not leveraging the power of your website. You’re underutilizing this valuable asset.
It’s like having a beautifully shiny luxury car that you own that sits in the garage without anyone driving it. It just looks good but doesn’t do anything. Cars excel when they’re able to hit the road running and perform as they were designed. If your website isn’t sending you new leads every day, it’s not playing to its full potential. It’s just collecting dust in the internet garage.
Viewing your website as a lead-generating asset that not only attracts browsers but turns them into buyers will set you apart from every other entrepreneur and professional.
Imagine what it would feel like to get leads every day 24/7 from your website.
Does your website have a call to action? This is the next step in working with you to clearly tell people what to do (i.e., download, book, reserve). That may look like a downloadable guide, reserving a spot for a webinar, or booking a special call. You want to lead browsers into the next step in your client journey. 

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