3 Reasons Why You Haven't Created a Course (And How to Fix It)

Maybe you've started and stopped your course outline so many times you've lost count? Could it be that you just haven't known where to start...like where the starting line is? Or maybe the tech to put it all together seems so overwhelming? This list can go on and on, but you get the idea. There are many reasons why an online course doesn't get created. And if you've been challenged to get your course to the finish line, unfortunately, you're not alone.

Many aspiring course creators dream of creating a course that will change their lives and the lives of others. Yet they start and stop the creative process, get distracted with other stuff, then start again yet to only begin the same vicious cycle.


As I’ve seen more of this over the last few years, I've noticed a trend. I think you may be surprised at the 3 reasons why your course still isn’t finished…and no, it's not tech overwhelm even though that can be the cause but there are other issues at play.

Consuming Instead of Creating


One of the main reasons I see many aspiring course creators have not created their course is because of their actions or I should say lack of actions. Let me give you an example..they're busy consuming information about course creation, checking out all the different platforms to host their course, looking at different blogs and workshops, free training about hosting courses. Yet they still haven't created a course. They may have even signed up for some courses on course creation a year ago, and still haven't created their course. The problem is, is that they're focused on the wrong actions. They're busy consuming information about course creation instead of implementing course creation. And it's so easy for us to get into that passive role of just taking in information, consuming, learning a little bit here, learning a little bit there, doing all the things that we think we should be doing as aspiring course creators, but yet we're not doing the essential things to actually create a course.

That means we've got to create the content, the outline, film, the videos, upload it to our school. We've got to take those steps in order to manifest the course that we would like to create. That's reason one.


Stuck in Perfectionist Mode


The second reason that I see people get stuck in this is they get into this perfectionist mode…”I have to have the perfect course in the perfect platform for the perfect people.”  Everything has to be perfect. We get stuck into this perfectionist mode. I can speak personally about this because I am known for excellence and quality. I like things to be done just right. So I've learned that I have to move out of my own way, get out of the analysis paralysis, and get it done. Even if it's the first version, which many times it is for courses, then I can iterate, revise and update as I go along.

If you suffer from this perfectionist mode, don't focus on everything being perfect focus on what's good enough. Ask yourself: What will I be proud to deliver, but still quality? The point is to get that first version out there for people to react to so you have solid feedback. You revise as you go along as you get student feedback - no analysis paralysis, no perfectionist mode. Let's get it done.


Underestimating the Work Involved


Then the third reason is underestimating the work involved. So for most people they think creating a course - that's a great idea. But when they get down to the nitty gritty, the nuts and bolts, of course creation, they don't always realize all the steps involved. I mean, they understand the big parts, the big pieces you've got to create a course. You've got to have some place to host it. You've got to launch your course, but there are many steps that come in between to make that course a reality, to take it from a dream to reality and many underestimate the work that's actually involved.

So one of the things that will help you avoid that is to create a project plan, outline the big steps and then the small steps. Under each of those bigger steps, create the small steps. That's how you get it done by doing this outline, putting it on the calendar and making yourself accountable, or finding you an accountability partner who will make sure that you do what you say you're going to do and you be committed to that plan.

So the three reasons why you haven't created your online course and how to fix it is:

  1. Not taking the right action more in the passive mode than the active mode of getting it done: start creating!
  2. Getting stuck in the perfectionist mode: Instead, know that that's one of your challenges and be willing to take the steps anyway
  3. And number three, underestimating the work involved: get clear by outlining all the steps, map that out in a project plan and then get someone to hold you accountable. 



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