Business Growth Drivers: Top 13 Marketing Tools

Market visibility is particularly vital to the success and development of a business. A pre-designed marketing strategy goes a long way in placing the name of your business on the top ranks of Google listings and with potential clients. Nevertheless, what essentially aids your plan is the use of the right marketing tools. These tools are primarily used by businesses as a viable means of communication to promote and advertise your services. This, in turn, helps strengthen your company’s visibility and presence in the market

Here are the top tools we use that you may want to consider for your own business.


Referred to as “Social Media Management System,” Hootsuite is an effective way to keep a tab on and manage your social media networks. Social Media Tools are presently the most popular marketing tool up the block and Hootsuite ensures that you have complete access to the reactions of people towards your brand and post updates immediately.


If you are looking forward to more subscribers for your email list, Leadpages might be the perfect solution. Apart from an ever-increasing sales funnel, you can avail a plethora of templates to be used for webinars, landing pages, and lead magnets.


Wracking your brain over a low-cost tool that can boost your subscriber conversion and lead capture rate? OptinMonster tops the list as a WordPress lead generation plugin, allowing you to assimilate active email signups on your website when coordinated with top email service providers like MailChimp.

Google Analytics

Gone are the days when word of mouth was the only way to make your brand known. Today, your website is the online face of your business. Google’s free web analytics service, Google Analytics gives you an in-depth analysis of visitors to your website, how long they say, and presents valuable insights to formulate a successful strategy.


There is a high probability that customers won’t purchase your products on their first visit to your website. In fact, half of them are likely to exit within the first 20 seconds. Sumo’s Grow Email list transforms these visitors into email subscribers before they can leave. In short, a fine means to keep your subscriber list rolling!


An impeccable writeup or email sent from your end is bound to leave a lasting impression on the reader. The Grammarly app successfully detects plagiarism, spelling mistakes, style errors, and grammatical errors with ease, helping you present a flawless piece of work.


ClickFunnels is your very own online sales funnel builder, which effectively helps your business produce, sell, and deliver your products online. An easy way to create your sales funnel from scratch, ClickFunnels streamlines online marketing for you.


Ad optimization and creation are not just made faster, but easier with Facebook Ads tool, AdEspresso. The platform helps you create Instagram and Facebook Ads through the interface. While creating the campaign, you can tag them so that they are easy to locate. Split test variations ensure that there is no duplicity of work.


An easy-to-use graphic design tool, Canva is an amazing online design platform for newbie and professional graphic designers alike. A simple drag-and-drop format along with easy access to fonts, graphics, and photographs lets you create powerful designs in no time.


Looking forward to creating and launching your own online course? Kajabi, an all-in-one online platform, helps you create online courses and launch your own marketing campaign with ease. Build attractive landing pages and watch the perfect website unfurl for your



ActiveCampaign has become a favorite for businesses looking forward to top-notch email marketing. It provides you with a sales automation software and cloud-based marketing that come with features like lead scoring, email marketing, live chatting platform, and a CRM platform. It’s time to move beyond traditional email marketing.


A tool designed to create lead generating online quizzes Interact is duly an “interactive” way to drive traffic to your business. Customized for businesses, the tool has all the necessary features needed to create a quiz that generates enough leads for your company’s growth.

Design Pickle

A favorite in the list of marketing tools, Design Pickle is a great choice when it comes to dealing with graphic designs for business. The platform delivers high-quality designs for your business with access to reliable, seamless, and professional designs.

Utilizing the right marketing tool can work wonders for the success rate and growth of your business. Time is precious; thus, it is essential that you select tools that produce the best results in the minimum time. After all, every minute saved is another penny saved!

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