Why Your Superpower is Important in Business

If you're anything like me, you're a huge fan of Wonder Woman. She can use her reflexes. She has strength, she has superhuman speed. She even has that golden lasso that she can throw around people to force them to tell the truth, that sounds pretty amazing. You can use your superpowers in the business world for good and to help you achieve amazing results.

So thinking back to Wonder Woman and her superpowers in the way that she is able to do things in the world and help the other superheroes. Those superpowers give her a very special and unique advantage. We often hear about that unique value proposition in marketing. How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you stand out from your competitors? How do you show what only you are uniquely designed to do?

That's why I think superpowers have an amazing ability to really set you apart, and help you to run your business in the most authentic way.

Communication Superpower

I started noticing some common traits with women who are clients of mine, the women that I collaborate with, and develop partnerships with. These traits had to do with the superpowers. One of those superpowers is the power of communication. Women know how important it is to have effective communication, and that includes asking questions as well. You'll see women that are great listeners. They listen very attentively so that they understand really the heart of the situation, what's going on, and they engage in that active listening, so that they come away with a good understanding. An amazing thing about the power of communication with women is that, they're very deliberate in the questions that they ask. They take their time to ask the right questions that will elicit the responses that will get to the heart of the matter, go to the core.

What's also great with women in the area of communication is that they involve other people, they reach out. What that does is a couple of things:

It helps to make sure that everyone is heard.

It helps to generate diverse solutions because everybody is included.

Service Superpower

Another superpower I notice with women is the Power of Service. I don't think it's uncommon for people to think of the tremendous work that women do as caretakers and traditionally nurturers, whether it's being a mom taking care of their kids, maybe an aging parent or family member, it could even be part of their role in some type of social service job. They definitely connect with those attributes of service, and being of service to others.

This gives women a very empathetic way of handling situations. This is very helpful when working with diverse audiences, different types of people because when women are empathetic and they come from that place of emotion, they're looking to bridge any gaps of indifference. So it helps to bridge differences, it helps to connect people when you have someone that you know is empathetic and really cares about you. There is that saying that says "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, and this power of service embodies that."

Community Superpower

Women also have the superpower of community. Women are steadfast in their friendships. They are able to have relationships that are positive, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial for everyone. That's the power of community, they know how to bring people together and connect. Think about in a business if you're networking, that's about making a genuine connection. Women build those positive relationships over time, because networking is not something that you do in the moment of need, you build that relationship over time with the idea that you have a great network out there that you can tap into in the future as needed.


Having the power of communication, the power of service, the power of community are powerful allies for women to use in business, to use in the world and how they show up in the world. So my questions for you are:

What is your superpower?

How do you leverage that in business?

I hope that by talking about the superpowers that I see out there in the world among women that it inspires you to consider your own superpowers, and leverage those in your business to give you that unique quality that sets you apart from everyone else.

About the Author: Michele Thompson Rosario, CEO of Bright Effects, helping entrepreneurs get clients, get traffic, and get results.