3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Sell Your Online Course

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3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Sell Your Online Course

Maybe you've been thinking about creating an online course, or maybe you've actually created one, and you're thinking, how do I actually sell this course? If that's where you are, my friend, you are in the right place.

Because today I'm going to talk about the three mindset shifts you need to make right now in order to sell your online course

And if you're anything like me in my past, you have had this aspiration, this dream to create an online course, maybe for more impact to expand your network, maybe for more freedom and flexibility in your business, maybe to set an example for your children and leave a legacy. Whatever it is, most of us have a big why for why we're creating an online course, but then we get stuck in different parts of that process and how to sell an online course.

That's why I wanted to talk about these three mindset shifts that are vital for you to make if you're going to sell your course. Let's start with the first mindset shift that you need to make. And this one will probably surprise you.


Mindset Shift 1. Stop Trying to Sell Your Online Course


You heard me, right? Stop trying to sell your online course. What you want to do instead is to attract the right audience. Who's the target audience for your course? It's like that push versus pull. So what I've seen and I've experienced this myself, especially when I was a beginner, in course creation, I would go out there, and I was desperate. I was needy. I was grasping trying to get that course sold. 

Your energy is what attracts your results. So instead of that, I want you to be in alignment, in flow with what you know, to be true about your knowledge, your superpower, that natural ability that you're going to teach others.

You're in flow with that because you know the value that your course will create. So instead of being needy, desperate, feeling like you're begging people literally to purchase your course. Come from an energy place, you know your worth, your value, and you're there to help and support your target audience by looking for opportunities to add high value, whether they purchase your course or they don't purchase your course.

Now, let me be clear, this is not to say that there are not actions that you don't have to take. So I don't want you to sit there and think, oh, well, I'll do a vision board, and I'll do some visualizations. Then I'll have all my clients. I have a vision board. I love to do visualizations. It's part of how I've manifested the business that I have today. But along with that, in addition to that, you've got to take the practical steps.

You've got to launch your course. You've got to have visibility. You've got to be out there and let people know what you have to offer and make offers. So don't mistake what I'm saying for that.

What I'm talking about here is your energy attracts what you want to manifest when you're in that place that aligns with a flow of adding value, helping others, showing up, being there to support, and knowing that the right people will come to you.

If they resonate with the message and the things that you're putting out there, you can go from I'm trying to sell my course to I've got something great here. I'm adding value, and the right people will come to me. So that's number one, mindset. 


Mindset Shift 2. Stop Trying to Please Everyone


This is like the people-pleasing of course creation where we want to please everyone.

So how does this show up?

One of the first courses I did was for women who felt like they were being overlooked in promotions. So I asked them, I said, well, tell me a bit of what you want to learn. Well, I want to learn...

  • How to communicate better with my manager
  • How to align with different stakeholders
  • How to do a great resume
  • How to position myself for new opportunities, and the list went on and on.

It was probably about 30 things on that list. Now I was trying to create a course with all that stuff in it. Undoubtedly, there's value!

You can see the value in some of those, right?

But what I had to go back to is my course needed to solve one main, big problem for one audience. And so I had a course that had so much stuff in it that it left people feeling overwhelmed like they couldn't get to the end result that my course was promising.

And this is something that I see time and time again with people that have a lot of  experience. They're fantastic in their superpower. But they try to please everyone on that course when in reality, what they have, all that knowledge, years of experience, they likely have more than one course within them. 

Instead of trying to fit everything into one course, you've got to be very intentional and very strategic about what's the one problem that the course is solving. And what's the audience that it's for. When you do that, you have a course that delivers results.

You have a course that resonates with the people that are best suited to take your course, and then you don't try to be everything to everyone.

That means you're going to get results for people. And you're going to be able to deliver on the promise of your course. And then you've probably got 2, 3, 4, or five or more other courses within you.

Also, I think some of us get into this because, you know, we have like 10 years of experience, 15 years of experience that we're trying to fit into a four-week course. Now that sounds ridiculous. Doesn't it? 10 years of experience in a four-week course. So when you stop trying to please everyone, you actually create a course for what people actually want and need, and they will directly resonate with what you're offering and the value that they will receive. 


Mindset Shift 3. Stop Making it Complicated


Tony Robbin's said..."Complexity is the enemy of execution."

I see so many beginners, new course creators that have a wealth of knowledge. They are in their genius zone. What I like to call their superpower, that natural talent skill that they can teach things and help people learn in a way that's different from anybody else. Yet when they go into creating a course, they hear about all of these fantastic applications, all the software you need to launch with these five different strategies. 

When I started out, I probably had about 15 different software applications, different platforms that I had to piece together. And what I later realized is I really didn't need even a fraction of those to sell my course.

Yes, I added more later, but in the beginning you want to make it simple because the more complex it gets, the more time, the more involved, and it just takes that much longer for your market to receive all the value, all the goodness, and the richness that you have to share with them.

So ask yourself, how can I make this more simple? And go with simple.

You would be surprised how much time, effort, energy you'll reserve, and you can use that to deliver value. That's what happens when you keep it very simple and don't overcomplicate the process. 

Let's recap with those three mindset shifts that you need to make right now to sell your course. First, stop trying to sell it, align with your energy flow of that you know, you have value to deliver, you know what you have is great, that it will impact others in a positive way, and focus on attracting the right clients for your course, by making those power moves and taking action. But also releasing the outcome of that. 

The second mindset shift that you need to make is to stop trying to please everyone. Focus on your course. And you may have many different courses within you. Most of us do. Decide for this one course, what's the problem you're solving and who is it for? 

And then, the third mindset shift is don't over-complicate the process. Look at how you can quickly create a high-value course and get it out there on the market so that you can share your value and all the goodness that you have for us. Those are the three mindset shifts that you want to make in order to sell your online course. 

Identify which of mindsets are an obstacle then decide not to stand in your way any further. You get to choose. 

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