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You've got a unique mix of skills, insights, and experiences that can really make a difference. Whether it's your business savvy, a hobby you're passionate about, a coaching technique, consulting strategy, or a book you've written, your knowledge is a treasure. Sharing it can transform not just other people's lives, but yours too.

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Chandan Gokhale, Gigaplex Academy

"They had the patience to work with a newbie. I was given business and creative advice which was helpful in addition to the actual content. Amazing quality of work and professionalism. Absolutely recommend Michele and her team for anyone looking for high quality educational content creation and presentation."


Colette Baron Reid, Oracle School

"Working with Michele and her team was the BEST decision I have made to help me create and structure my courses. I was swimming in content and ideas and as much as that sounds like a good problem to have I was just so overwhelmed. Michele is organized, focused, super smart, asking all the right questions and frankly brilliant at what she does. I am so proud of the work we did together. I highly recommend her!"

Kimberly Daniel, Author

Before Michele's course, creating my online courses was simply something I knew I wanted to do.  Now I am able to actually start the process.  I recommend Michele's course to all other authors and entrepreneurs. We are all juggling work schedules and our personal clients- however, the creation of online courses will help us push our services and products out to more people and scale!"

 "For the past 5 years, I've  provided in-person training and professional development. Because of Michele's course, I am feeling a lot more confident about creating courses in my field of expertise. I would recommend this course to those who are ready to take their course creation skills to the next level and those who just do not know where to begin."


 Stephanie Nimene, MEd, EDccelerated Solutions LLC



I'm Michele Rosario, founder of Bright Effects. I'm a proud U.S. Army veteran, former bank executive turned entrepreneur with a passion for entrepreneurship, online courses, marketing & investing. Since starting Bright Effects, I’ve created a crazy number of  courses (I stopped counting at 200) for the "Big Guys" and movers and shakers. I've been fortunate to have a front row seat in just how powerful one high-online course is for a business and it's audience. It's still one of the best ways to supercharge your impact, increase your industry credibility, scale your profits and leave a lasting legacy.

I'm thrilled to show you how.

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