How To Find Your Motivation

When you first hung out your ‘open for business’ sign, you likely were thinking:

“I can’t wait to get away from this awful job.”

“I just want to be home with my kids.”

“This dead-end job is going nowhere.”

“I’m tired of working crazy hours and holidays.”

“I know I’m worth more than they’re paying me.”

These were also some of my thoughts a decade ago when I took that big leap to leave corporate again and start yet another business.

These and many, many other thoughts go through the heads of every would-be business owner, and are often the driving force behind that final, “I quit.”

But while they’re great for lighting a fire and inspiring you to make a scary jump to business ownership, they’re not so fabulous at giving you the motivation to grow and improve. They won’t inspire you to increase your skills and raise your rates and be brave and authentic in your marketing. They won’t help you find the courage to hire a new mentor or launch a brand new digital course. They won’t help you on the days when you wonder if it’s really worth it to have your own business. You know those weeks when it seems as if the world is conspiring against you. 

To find the motivation to go the distance, ignore the haters, and build a thriving business, you must identify the real why behind what you do.


Passionate Why's 

“Passion based” is a phrase that’s found a massive following in the past few years, and seems to be the holy grail of entrepreneurial adventures. And for business owners with a true passion for their field, it can be a strong motivator. Some business owners are passionate about a subject, spending all their waking hours learning about the topic. 
Some are passionate about a market, and would do anything to help their ideal client achieve his or her goals.
This was definitely one of the keys to finding my motivation. I always remember there are business owners who want and need my help in turning what they know and do into a highly profitable online course that helps others. And, I know without a doubt that if I don’t show up many are likely to give into the overwhelm that's so common among aspiring course creator. And if that happens, their people do not get the benefit of their knowledge and experience, so we all lose.


Financial Why's 

Maybe you want to retire at 40 to travel the world, or send your kids to an elite private school. Maybe you love fast cars, and dream of driving a brand-new Ferrari.
Sounds amazing...right?
Whatever your big dream, you knew you’d never make it while putting in time at the day job. While everyone seems to go on and on about those passion-based dreams, the truth is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting financial abundance.
Money is a necessary tool.
We need it, and the more we have, the more we're able to do for ourselves and others. Even if you own a not for profit business, you still will need money to carry out your mission. You can’t do that if the lights have been turned off. And wanting more financial abundance is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you maintain your integrity and authenticity in pursuit of it. There is much good to be had when you combine a powerful cause with the means to make it happen.
As early as I can remember, I never wanted limits on my earning potential. I built my business with an intent to enjoy a beautiful lifestyle of freedom and flexibility where I can do my work anywhere in the world, which I often do. That was very intentional in how I set up my business and the services and products I offer.


Philanthropic Why's

Plenty of ambitious business owners go into business, so they can have more to give. You’ve no doubt heard of—or maybe even know—entrepreneurs who use their earnings to fund mission trips, build schools in war-torn, third world countries, and support a variety of charities at home and abroad. Others use the time freedom they’ve built into their business to volunteer with local hospitals, animal shelters and children’s organizations.
If you have a heart for a cause, a 'philanthropic why' might be the driving force that takes your business to the next level. I've been so grateful that through my business I can give time and money to many organizations that I truly believe in including She's The First. It's truly is a driving force behind what I do.
In truth, all three of these give me my motivation day in and day out. On the days when it gets challenging, I'm always inspired by my why's because there are business owners who don’t know where to start and need my step-by-step process or the charitable organizations that need my help to serve and carry out their mission. This is the key to my resilience when things get tough as they undoubtedly do on this journey called entrepreneurship.
Consider taking some time to explore your why....what keeps you going, what motivates you, what gives you the juice to do what you do even when what’s in front of you looks daunting?

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