Nine Reasons Why We Like Kajabi

Creating and marketing effective online courses is not easy to do on your own. Fortunately, there are tools and services that are designed to make this process simpler and more accessible for people who are looking to create and sell online courses. One such tool is Kajabi.
Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform with features that you can use to grow your business. It makes it simple to launch marketing campaigns, host online courses, build strong landing pages, and design a website that you will be proud to own. The primary benefits of utilizing Kajabi are the ability to host your online course, simplify your marketing process, and maximize your revenue. Kajabi offers beautiful templates for designing your courses and will help you convert your leads into new students.
On the fence about using Kajabi? Here are nine reasons why we like Kajabi for online course creators. 



Browsing through various platforms to perform multiple tasks can become overwhelming and confusing. The all-in-one design of Kajabi’s platform makes it simple to use effectively. With Kajabi, you don’t have to manage multiple platforms at one time. Kajabi is designed to fulfill your needs within a single, user-friendly dashboard. With unique features such as event marketing, online course creation, automatic email generation, and much more, it eliminates the need for multiple tools and services. Kajabi also offers a blogging feature so that you can engage with your audience and share your expertise. 

Customer Service


Having an excellent platform means nothing if it isn’t supported by great customer service. We’ve received excellent customer care from Kajabi. Their support staff will assist you in each step of your creative journey. They also offer the ability to provide feedback to further improve their platform, which we love. After all, nothing is perfect. You can see future plans, programs that have been recently released, as well as what’s currently being worked on. All of these features can provide you with insight into things within Kajabi that can be useful to you today or in the future. Their website offers a FAQ section, a help center, an assistance bot, and a direct link to contact their support team.

Product Blueprints


Creating an online course can be a daunting task because there are so many moving parts. And if you’re inexperienced with marketing a course and launching a campaign, it can be incredibly intimidating. Kajabi can assist you in this process with their Product Blueprints for smart marketing strategies. These pre-built templates will handle your product launches, campaigns, online webinars, and more.



Having the ability to integrate the programs that you love to use into one easy to access platform can significantly increase your productivity. Kajabi offers 10 built-in integrations that make it simple to connect with your favorite third-party programs. This allows these programs to work together in powerful ways that save you time and money. This will provide you with additional leverage for building up your business, as well as selling online courses.

Theme Options


If your website is bland and boring, then it will be less likely to attract your ideal client. There are plenty of tools available with Kajabi that will make your online business stand out from the rest with an appealing design. Kajabi offers product theming that is suitable for most digital products. It provides you with a library of customizable themes that you can apply to any course or membership site you create. The most significant part is that the theme editor is user-friendly and offers the option of custom code.



Staying connected with your clients, business partners, and employees are necessary for maintaining a stable network and growing your business. Hosting an event on Kajabi is one of the most impressive features that is offered. It’s easy to host built-in live and automated webinars to stay connected to the people in your business circle. It’s also simple to promote these events using their templates. Putting together a Zoom webinar with Kajabi builds a pipeline that includes your registration, offer, and checkout page, as well as emails promoting your event.

Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of running your business. It’s an effective way of marketing your business to a massive audience and staying in touch with your current customers. Kajabi lets you send out announcements, news broadcasts, and launch emails for a new course. Kajabi allows you to personalize your email marketing strategies so that your leads and clients get the right email at the right time.



Sales funnels, also known as pipelines in Kajabi, are automated marketing campaigns that tie in your opt-in forms, landing pages, offers, and automated emails to assist you in selling your online course. Pipelines will help you build relationships with more people because it raises awareness for your brand. Using the pipeline features in Kajabi will help you build an audience and sell your course. The best part about this process is that it’s entirely automated so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

Quizzes and Assignments


Having access to a quality quiz and assignment program will allow you to provide a higher quality of teaching to your students. Kajabi offers powerful online course tools that will help you build quizzes, fill-in-the-blank assessments, and paragraph assignments. This is a great interactive environment for students to learn and integrate new knowledge. Your students can directly upload documents into the lesson so that you can see how they’re interacting with your content.
If you’re interested in building an online course, Kajabi is a great option to host your content. We’re a partner affiliate and use Kajabi in our business and with clients. You can find out more about their platform by clicking here.

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