Important Question: Ambitious Business Owners Who STILL Don’t Have A Profitable Online Course  To Scale Your Business...


If there was a proven step-by-step process to complete and launch your course in 60 days without the confusion of where to start, how to structure the content, or which platforms to use ...would you finally feel confident committing to an online course?


The Course Complete System

 Is The Only...


Implementation training program of it’s kind fully engineered to speed up your course creation process and get your high-valued course launched in 60 Days:

Here’s How We Roll...

I'll walk you through an iron-clad process to create and launch your online course in 60 days. The same battle-tested process I use with my VIP clients to achieve six and seven-figure launches. 


Find A Topic That Thrills Your Audience


Choosing your course topic is a HUGE decision, and whether you have too many ideas or not enough, this choice can have a massive impact on your course’s success. That’s why I will walk you through the key elements to choose a profitable course topic once and for all, using “The Course Topic Trifecta.” 


Create A Sizzling Offer They Can't Resist


Much like the tree that falls with no one around, a course without good positioning never gets noticed, and never makes sales. That’s why I’ll help you discover and create a magnetic offer so that you can attract the exact client you want and get them excited to become your paying student.

Map Out Your 6-Figure Sales Plan  


Did you know lots of people make $0 from their course launches? Uncertainty about how to actually sell a course can cause even optimistic entrepreneurs to second guess themselves. Luckily, I have a foolproof launch plan that will make sure your course gets the initial sales it needs to build momentum.

Build An Audience That Loves What You Do


Your email list is one of your biggest assets in this process, if not the biggest! That’s why I’ve dedicated an entire section to building this list, so you can rest assured that when you’re ready to launch, there will be warm leads waiting to buy.

Fill It! Get Them To Say Yes


There’s a difference between selling and closing. When the moment of truth comes, will you be able to get prospects to actually click the “buy now” button? This task can be easily won if you have the right sales funnel to guide prospects from casual content consumers to excited new paying customers.

Create Engaging Content That Wows Your Students


You’re an expert in your field, so it’s probably difficult to decide what content to cover first! It can be hard to imagine yourself in your student’s shoes, but it’s easy to overwhelm them if you’re not careful. Luckily, our Easy Content Creation (ECC) process will make your course content curation as easy as 1-2-3!


Success Stories From A Few Clients...

Colette Baron Reid

Working with Michele Rosario was the BEST decision I have made to help me create and structure my courses. I was swimming in content and ideas and as much as that sounds like a good problem to have I was just so overwhelmed. Michele is organized ,focused, super smart, asking all the right questions and frankly brilliant at what she does. I am so proud of the work we did together. I highly recommend her! 

Chandan Gokhale

I came to Michele and Bright Effects to create a new course to help Baby Boomers get freelance work. Everything about working with Michele and her team was helpful...the actual content she created, the business and creative advice, professionalism,  and patience to work with a newbie. Her work is of the highest cutting corners. Exactly what I needed!

Kimberly Daniel

My favorite part of Michele's process was the way each task was broken down into actionable chunks. It was really easy to make important decisions and make serious headway on my course. We are all juggling work schedules and our personal clients- however, the creation of online courses will help us push our services and products out to more people and scale!

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