Welcome to Bright Effects!

Hi, I'm Michele Rosario, founder of Bright Effects.

Ever had that itch to share what you know but got tangled up in doubts about where to even begin? Or maybe trapped in that tricky “I’ve got nothing special’ mindset?

Rest assured, you're not alone.

Whether you're feeling like a ‘silent specialist’ or just unsure of how to kick things off, we've got you covered.
We're all about helping you unearth your talents, skills, hidden gems, and turn them into online courses that not only help others but also open up fresh opportunities for you.

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Why Partner With Me & My Team?

  • I bring a fresh and effective approach to building and selling online courses, tailored to your personality, style, business & goals. No one size fits all!
  • With a solid learning design background in creating over 200 courses for global organizations and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, I've learned from the best in the business so you can eliminate the trial and error.
  • I've extensively studied under top online entrepreneurs and marketers, gaining insights that fuel success to reduce your learning curve.  

  • Mentoring thousands of students through Marie Forleo's, renowned B-School has sharpened my ability to assist building online businesses so you're clear on what works and what doesn't.

  • And like you, I'm eager to share what I know and make a positive impact in the community.

We Help 'Silent Specialists' Who:

  • Want to add money to their monthly income through an online course.
  • Want to create an online course but struggle with packaging their know-how into something marketable.
  • Don't know where to start with an online course.
  • Want to gain more traction on an existing online course but are stuck trying to pinpoint what they need to fix.
  •  Want to increase their confidence and effectiveness in selling their online course.

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