Welcome to Bright Effects!

Hi, I'm Michele Rosario, founder of Bright Effects.

Raise your hand if you've been struggling to gain traction with your offers (coaching package, consulting service, or online course) or grappling with so many ideas that you never get started?

Rest assured, you're not alone.

The truth is there's a myriad of offers you can sell and countless ways to sell them - but there's a sweet spot for the audience you want to work with, what they want help with and what feels good for you to offer. 

At our core, we're all about smart thinking and personalized solutions. We show seasoned professionals how to identify their unique strengths, understand their audience's needs and craft irresistible offers that sell. 






Create An Impactful Offer That Sells

That's exactly why Bright Effects came to life – to empower seasoned pros like you to share your expertise limitlessly.

The secret?

Crafting impactful online courses, coaching, and consulting offers that not only showcase what you know but also sell like crazy.

For over a decade, my team and I have trained and coached new and experienced entrepreneurs, guiding them from the spark of an idea to creating and selling high-impact digital products and services. I've refined a step-by-step system that's not just my success story but a proven game-changer for hundreds of business owners across diverse industries. It's all about data-driven, validated content, marketing, and sales principles, cutting through the clutter and streamlining the process of creating and selling digital products and services.

We Help Seasoned Professionals Who:

  • Want to gain more traction on an existing offer but are stuck trying to pinpoint what they need to fix
  • Want to create an offer but struggle with packaging their expertise into something marketable
  • Want to diversify their income streams, adding additional sources to their revenue mix
  • Want to generate more passive income
  • Want to increase their confidence and effectiveness in selling their offers

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