Take your online  course to the next level with this one-of-a-kind makeover.


Spend less time trying to figure out what's wrong with your online course and more time getting paid.  

A fabulous online course can elevate you to another level!


Don't Compromise Your Standards

You've already put in the hard work to create your online course. You just need it to convert better and sell more!

Maybe people aren't engaging with the content, they're not happy with the course, or you're not getting enough sales. You recognize there's a problem but having a hard time fixing things on your own. You're wondering if you should just throw in the towel and quit. You've tried everything and are running out of ideas to move your course forward. 

You need an online course makeover expert to guide you through an intensive VIP Day that will change your course from a lame duck into a flying star. You will walk away from the VIP Day with a new confidence and a lot of expert advice on how to make your course more successful.

Here's How We Roll 

VIP Day = One day focused on your course.

We will spend a day with you to get your course kicked into high gear. 


 Blast Off

Once you've reserved your VIP slot, you will complete our onboarding form and provide us access to any material you have already produced. 



We’ll start the day with a 1-2 hour online video meeting to talk about the course, your goals and vision.


 Deep Dive

We'll go deep on everything you've shared to give you expert insights on how to make your course more successful.


Success Plan

We’ll end the day with a 1-2 hour online video meeting to share our findings and  give you a step-by-step guide on how to turn this lemon into lemonade. At the end , we'll answer any questions you have so that you're clear on next steps.


 Power Moves

After our PM Call, you'll get a checklist detailing exactly what you need to do to implement the changes recommended and a recording of our meetings.


 Level Up!

Finally, you have the expert advice on where to focus your attention in order to make your course as successful as possible.


Success Stories From a Few Past Clients 


Meet Your Course Creation Expert

Michele Thompson Rosario, MBA

Hi I’m Michele. An online course is one of the best means of widening your visibility and earnings, as well as diversifying your company's income in a prosperous economy or even a downturn.

Since starting Bright Effects, I’ve created a crazy number of courses (I stopped counting at 200) for the "Big Guys" and movers and shakers. 

I'm on a mission to help ambitious business leaders supercharge their impact, increase industry credibility, and scale their profits. 

Not sure if a Course Makeover VIP Day is right for you?


If an online quality course that converts sounds too good to be true, let's connect to answer any questions you may have.


A Whole Different Way of Building An Online Course...

I designed a simple step-by-step process to create value-driven courses that my audience was eager to buy.


Because I gave them what the wanted. I didn’t assume.

Once I started applying this to my course it became easy to create and sell without trying to piecemeal the steps together with minimal success.

I invested in my education because I knew that if my clients win, then I win too.

Can you see that?

And I made a commitment to only create courses I could be proud of. So over the next ten years, I was able to build value-driven courses that make a positive impact.

I have now created some amazing courses for myself and top entrepreneurs who are experts in everything from Oracle Cards to Business Analytics to Decorating.

Quite a range, right?

And I get to see people, whose life is changed by the course I’ve helped to bring into the world. I get a front-row seat to see how sharing knowledge positively impacts others.

And how it transforms a business into something the owner loves and that loves them back with more freedom and flexibility. It feels awesome to make money AND help people at the same time.

The reason I’m sharing all this with you is because I want the same for you. I don’t want you to have to go through another year with this course idea collecting dust on your to-do list.

You’re here reading this now as an aspiring course creator and…

You want to share your experience with a larger audience…

You want a smart way to scale and grow your business...

And, you know an online course is the right next step to create a passive income product…


A Course Makeover VIP Day includes:

An exclusive opportunity to work with an expert course creator and digital marketing specialist to uplevel your course to become more outstanding.  

 Expert guidance on where things have gone wrong and how to elevate your course to where you want it to be. 

 A detailed power moves checklist to start turning your results around and stop compromising your standards.


Outsource the Course. I show you how to effectively outsource the recommendations to uplevel your online. Let someone else handle the boring details and stay in your magic. 




Receiving the notification that your first student has enrolled, and how great it will feel knowing your empowering others and transforming lives.

✓ Selling your course, and getting that much closer to financial freedom.

Creating a brand new revenue stream that gives you more freedom and flexibility to enjoy your family and life

Expanding your network by helping so many more people who will have the benefit of your knowledge and experience

Building your industry credibility and setting yourself apart with a high-value digital course.

You’re Protected By Our

Course Complete Challenge

You work hard. And so do we. We want you to be successful through our program and that's why we offer a personal guarantee. Our goal in this program is for you to complete and sell your digital course. The beauty is that once you’ve got a winning formula that brings in your first students, it’s matter of just rinse and repeat.

If you don't feel like this program will help you to complete and sell your online course, just let me know at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, your investment will be promptly refunded - no questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful course creators asked before joining COURSE COMPLETE.

Course Complete is Perfect For You If...

You’re new to course creation and want to make sure you completely NAIL IT right out the gates by using proven super simple steps to get it done.

 You’ve been trying to build your course for months (or even years) but haven’t been able to figure it out on your own …and the process has been a struggle.

 You want financial freedom to escape an overbooked calendar or a 9-5 with a business that delivers the freedom you crave.

 You want a business model that helps you be more available to your family and life.

 You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is an intentional step to reach more people and add a new source of income.

 You want a simple formula (low-tech) to create and launch your course so that you can start enrolling your first group of students.

 You’re aware of all the incredible changes that will happen once you have a high-value course that sells. You know…more financial freedom, expanding your network, having more time for family and life, creating a new income source. And you’re doubly excited that Course Complete includes amazing bonuses like Sales Templates so that you can reduce the learning curve and have proven fill-in-the-blank templates to sell your course.

 You're a Go-Getter who is courageous enough to make BIG decisions: You’re willing to invest time, energy, and resources to grow your business.

And finally...

 You’re feeling confident enrolling knowing you have 30 days to test it out with the Course Complete Challenge. It’s simple - either you do the work and create a brilliant online course, or you shoot me and my team a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole “course creation” experiment.

For each person that joins The Course Complete Program we will make a donation to the St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital. Let's find cures and save children.